Bare or Hair?

Completely Bare or Hair?

I never really stopped to think what people are “doing” with the pubic hair until I got into the waxing business. I never really thought about pubic hair at all, even on myself. Without disclosing too much information, let’s just say I was a little late into the bikini waxing game, not having my first bikini wax of any kind until I was in my 30’s. So I was very surprised to have women in the treatment room inquire “what are other women doing” when I ask if they wanted to go completely bare or leave a strip.

The decision to leave or not to leave hair is personal. I have had some women say that they do not want to look prepubescent or like their young daughters. For some, a small patch makes them feel womanly, for others, going completely bare makes them feel sexy.  We have had some clients that are VERY particular with the shape (large triangle), size (small soul patch), length (think trail) etc. and that is ok. We like to think that vaginas are like snowflakes…no two are alike (shout out to Carrie for that analogy).

The reasons are as varied as there are people, but what I can tell you is the closer you get to the pubic bone the more discomfort. It could be because the hair at the top of the labia seems to have stronger roots, or it could be because it is very near many nerve endings and those nerves are good for some things, bad for others.

Whatever the reason, do what makes the most sense for you. Try it the first time with a small patch, remove it the next time…it WILL grow back.