The Monkey is Turning 8!

The Naked Monkey is turning 8 on October 23, 2014. We have more than a BRAZILIAN reasons to celebrate. Please allow me a little self-indulgence for a moment.

We opened in 2006 with $1000 and three credit cards….something I recommend to NO ONE, but we were convinced we could make waxing work in a land locked state, in Carmel, Indiana. Naïve? Maybe. Determined? Absolutely. In that time, we have proudly brought waxing for both men and women out of the “bushes” and into daily conversations.  Because of our hard work, we have been invited to wax on the nationally syndicated radio program, The Bob and Tom Show (they are all wonderful people). We have won awards and accolades, we have been hated and imitated, but more than that, we have persevered. Despite opening the Fishers location in the midst of a national financial crisis, we persevered. We altered our concept just a little to open a mini-Monkey in Downtown Indy…we persevered.  This year, we opened the Noblesville Monkey to extend our reach further north….we want everyone to have access to nakedness (persevering continues). We have supported our community with charitable donations exceeding $20,000 this year. We know we cannot donate to Locks for Love 🙂, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. We support nearly every local group that sends a request our way. Our love of all animals (not just monkeys), is the root of our holiday campaign to support local animal shelters. We do what we can, while we can.

What you may not know is what keeps me going everyday….simply put, I have the best staff of any business in town. I am incredibly proud of the fact that we employ 30 people…30! In the past eight years, together we have been through marriages and divorces, births and very, very difficult deaths.  We are there for each other in happy times and we lean on each other in difficult ones. My staff have supported me in ways only they know and in many ways they will never know. They are my family and my friends and all of that, I feel, translates to our clients. They too, are our family and friends and for them I am most grateful.