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Double Dipping

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by Brenda 2 Comments

Double Dipping (the process of using a wooden or metal spatula to apply wax to a body part and then proceed to re-dip the same spatula after applying the wax to a body area)

Double dipping is completely unacceptable…no matter what the situations. One of the hair removal products we use comes with individually sterile wrapped wooden spatulas. They claim that their product does not harbor bacteria so there is no fear of cross contamination. Though their claims may be true, because it is an amazing product, in my opinion, there could still be hair or skin cells that adhere to the stick upon wax application and those could be transferred to the wax pot. And I do not know about you but I prefer not have someone else’s body hair on my skin. Disgusting.

Another gross habit that I have seen at other places, particular nail salons that offer face waxing, is the inexperienced technician that dips the wax stick into the wax pot and then proceeds to blow on it to cool it down before applying to the skin. You can’t tell me that some of their saliva was not transferred to the stick. This is also completely unacceptable and if a client EVER sees an employee of the Naked Monkey do this, they need to reach out to me immediately at

Finally, just as a side note, since I mentioned nail salons, in the state of Indiana you have to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to legally wax. Often times, at nail salons, the employees are only nail technicians and legally cannot be waxing. So make sure you check their licenses. They should be displayed at their work stations.